International Courier Services

You are able to source and engage suppliers across the world from the comfort of your office or home. To add to this convenience, Himilo Freight and Logistics Company LTD offers Pickup Services for cargo from your suppliers’ door or office and have it shipped to you using our sea, airfreight or multi-modal freight

Furthermore, we offer Delivery Services from ports of entry (or our warehouses) and to your office premises or home.


These additional services attract an extra cost based on the distance covered, in addition to the chargeable weight of the cargo.

OUR GOAL : To be the most reliable and preferred freight and logistics Company in East Africa.

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We are private company which has significant contribution to the local Economic development of the country for the benefit of the people for job creation. Whereas we will carry out in accordance with appropriate technology and sound principles in freight and logistics service with respect of General business law.