Cargo Consolidation
In international shipping, the cargo consolidation is considered to be among the most important, yet overlooked aspects.

To make sure that your cargo gets to its destination in the same condition we received it, we offer professional packaging services for all types of items – including the most irregular-shaped ones.

Whether you are dispatching your cargo from an online store to our offices or dropping your cargo with us in person, we assess its original packaging and if necessary, change to our standard packaging for general and dangerous goods (DG) to ensure its safety and acceptable to the airline

Our packaging services come at a minimum cost to cover the cost of materials used to safeguard your cargo.

OUR GOAL : To be the most reliable and preferred freight and logistics Company in East Africa.

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We are private company which has significant contribution to the local Economic development of the country for the benefit of the people for job creation. Whereas we will carry out in accordance with appropriate technology and sound principles in freight and logistics service with respect of General business law.